Code of ethics and social responsibility

As an active member of Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori — a group established by the Padua branch of the Confederation of Italian Industry (Confindustria) to help young entrepreneurs — Soget Est, in 2004, helped develop and draw up a Code of ethical conduct for adoption by all businesses.

It was subsequently reviewed by TÜV UK, a member of the TÜK NORD GROUP, meeting with the approval of the renowned certification body, who recommended it be used as a cornerstone on which to build an “integrated” management system.

As a tool, this Code of ethical conduct has proved to be both comprehensive — taking into account all relevant “stakeholders” — and flexible, being structured in chapters and sections.

We take a systematic approach to meeting client expectations and ensuring our production and management processes are “socially responsible”. This approach is built on: the latest up-to-date edition of the Code of ethical conduct; terms and conditions for the supply of services governing dealings with suppliers and clients; a privacy policy for the protection of personal data; confidentiality agreements for the protection and safeguarding of trade secrets; and quality certification to European standard EN ISO 17100.