English language courses: England and Ireland

Soget Est organizes English language courses, partnering with schools and organizations that have been operating in the study holiday sector for many years, accredited by the British Council in the UK and Acels in Ireland.

All courses, both group and individual, are aimed at young learners aged 11 to 18. The minimum stay is 2 weeks.

You can choose to stay in a number of places to study English, with the support of a competent teaching staff who are great at engaging you with motivating, interesting and fun lessons!

The choice for our kids

It all started a long time ago when, together with my business partner, we started thinking about sending our kids abroad, more specifically to the UK, to attend foreign language courses to give them an experience that would help them with both their personal and educational growth.
After many years in the communication services industry involving more than 50 foreign languages, we wanted to find the ideal place — in a country that we are very familiar with and that we have visited dozens of times, some of them on business — for our kids to study English and, at the same time, live for a short time fully immersed in a different social and cultural environment to the one at home. Drawing on our considerable knowledge, we narrowed the choices down to Devon and decided to focus our efforts on finding a solution that would meet our expectations in this area of the country

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We left with our first-born children, boys and peers, who were 9 years old at the time. We had a very pleasant stay in that county in south west England. We identified one of the organisations that seemed the most suitable for our purpose and that guaranteed us excellent foreign language teaching skills, great care and attention in managing groups of students coming from all over the world, significant ability in developing all the extracurricular activities that are very important in improving language learning, professional integrity, 20 years of experience and a lot of passion and enthusiasm.
We were able to sign a cooperation contract fairly quickly and, once we returned to Italy, we immediately began to organise study-holidays and language stays for schools and institutes in our city and province.

n recent years we have always obtained very positive feedback, and some groups have wanted to repeat the trip for 2 or 3 consecutive seasons. Our children experienced the entire “process” firsthand, and when they were 12 years old, in the second class in middle school, they also went on a 2-week study holiday. hey thoroughly enjoyed their experience, which was full of not only language learning but also new activities, new stimuli, new knowledge and new sharing, getting to meet children from other countries, languages and cultures. They were so pleased and full of interest that they wanted to do it again, relive all the emotions they experienced during those 15 days, away from home yes, but in a welcoming and protected environment.

And so it was, the experience was repeated several times and stopped only after they went to university. In the meantime, the second-born daughters have grown and they too have started to travel with student groups of their age. Again with excellent feedback and now they want to go every year.

For the future we are already getting organised!


The two-week programme (the minimum stay) includes:

  • Transfers to and from the airport in Italy and the foreign country
  • Return flights to England or Ireland
  • Transfers to the meeting point where students are greeted by the host families
  • Enrolment and registration fees
  • Full-board homestay
  • 20 lessons a week in international classes
  • Teaching material and attendance certificate on completion of the course
  • One-on-one advice on language learning during the course
  • 2 or 3 half-day excursions every week
  • 1 full-day trip every week
  • The programme includes recreational, cultural and sports activities every day, designed to help students continue practising and learning English while having fun
  • 2 or 3 evening activities per week
  • Medical and travel insurance, including luggage cover
  • Supervisor on hand throughout the stay to provide assistance


In order to offer new opportunities to students who want to enjoy a short experience centred around the English language, we have visited a number of cities and made arrangements with organizations of proven professionalism and experience.
This has allowed us to extend our range of options and cater to the needs of individuals wanting to repeat the study holiday experience over a number of years, offering new places for them to choose from each time. We are always on the lookout for new destinations to keep the joy of discovery alive.


We have entered into direct, well-established collaborative agreements with schools and organizations accredited by competent bodies and recognized by the most prestigious international associations.

Before finalizing any agreements, managers from Soget Est always visit the various destinations in person for an on-site assessment of the school’s characteristics, its teachers, teaching programmes, its handling of students, its classrooms and services, the criteria used to select host families, the city and its surrounds, and the social and cultural context. Each trip lasts several days, giving us plenty of time to assess the situation fully and in great detail.

English courses are structured to meet different learning needs.

A communicative approach is taken with the aim of teaching “as much as possible”, enabling students to get the most out of their English learning no matter how long the stay, with an excellent programme at a competitive price.

Our native English teachers are experienced, skilled and qualified to teach English as a foreign language.

English certificates are issued to show the student’s attendance and the level of language proficiency.

The homestay families may host a single Italian guest, or you can request to share lodgings with a friend or acquaintance, or with other students of different nationalities.


The Soget Est name also stands for 40-plus years of solid business in the foreign language sector; a brand known for competence and professionalism you can rely on; a business whose record of success, well-honed expertise and past experience speak volumes.maturate.
These are the building blocks with which our organization sets about establishing a direct relationship with the teachers involved, activity leaders, host families and the students themselves, so that we are always in a position to provide all the support and information that proves important or necessary.
At any time, you have access to departure and arrival points and dates, travel arrangements, luggage and insurance information, any additional information pertaining to the stay or relevant programmes, detailed descriptions of the families hosting our students, and much more besides: you can phone or email us for immediate support, or pop into our offices, where you will always find one of our course managers to talk to.
We are always happy to organize one or more presentation meetings to provide a detailed and comprehensive introduction to our range of services and answer any questions you may have. There will be informational and organizational meetings for all the groups being put together.


Soget Est ensures students are fully supported for the duration of their stay.
The school’s staff are there to look after the students at every stage, from welcoming them on arrival to then placing them with the families and in their study classes, and even managing their leisure time.
For any afterschool activities included in the programme, classes are further divided up into small groups coordinated by a specialist team. Each group has its own activity leader: an experienced person who is responsible for managing and monitoring the relevant activity. When it comes to sports, there will be qualified instructors on hand, too.
Parents are assigned a Soget Est contact person who they can get in touch with any time.
The direct, ongoing relationship between Soget Est and the various schools means there is always the opportunity to check how the course is going and the overall situation at any time, where so required.


The geographical location and size of the chosen destinations make them particularly attractive and allow us to develop a programme that includes a series of social and leisure activities, in addition to studying English. Specialist teams handle daily recreational activities, successfully engaging students with their passionate approach and ensuring they are even more motivated.
A language needs to be experienced in its social and cultural context, and our destinations provide the ideal environment for getting down to some serious study, followed by some serious fun, winding down and meeting new friends, taking part in enjoyable activities and making lasting memories.
A full programme of afterschool activities is on offer because we believe that the best and most comprehensive way to study a language is to do it in different settings: in the classroom and in actual social life, during organized activities, as part of different workshops and seminars on English culture, music, art, dance and theatre; or during sports, and evenings spent with the family; and on trips and tours of historical places and tourist attractions. There are also one or more half-day excursions planned for each week; one full-day trip each week; movie nights with original-language films shown at the school; quiz nights at the pub (for over 16s, and always accompanied by an adult); internet nights on school grounds and much more besides.


Students lodge with hand-picked families who are well known to the school and whose requirements are verified every year directly by the school staff to ensure that they continue to meet the parameters set by the relevant certification bodies. The host families are there to welcome the students when they reach the city from the airport.
Sleeping arrangements usually involve lodging in a twin room (triples or singles, where available, can also be requested) with students of other nationalities or with friends and classmates depending on the characteristics of the groups, availability and any requests submitted.
Special dietary requirements can always be catered for, but we require sufficient advance warning along with detailed information on what exactly is required. Host families will provide breakfast and the main evening meal, while lunches are served in the school canteen, or students are provided with packed lunches either directly by the families or by the school itself. Students staying in small towns can generally walk to school together with their classmates or the teacher. For longer distances, the family will drive them to and from school. All students are dropped off for evening activities by their respective host families, who will then return to pick them up. In some places, such as Bath and Dublin, there may be the need to use public transport in certain cases, though always in a highly controlled and secure way. All students are required to return home in the evening by the set “curfew” and are encouraged to spend as much time as possible with the host family, enabling them to get to know the family better and, of course, practise their English!


Our main goal is to ensure that we live up to the promises we make to the students.
We are always more than happy to assess each student’s individual needs and expectations, and look at each specific requirement to find the solution that suits them best. Our philosophy is intercultural communication through English language learning.

English, like any other language, is a living, dynamic, every-evolving thing. Teaching has to keep this key principle front and centre. Many strategies are applied to cater to different learning requirements. We use a combination of tried-and-tested teaching methods and interactive tech to achieve maximum student engagement and help learners gain confidence with the foreign language.

Our English courses are flexible and, with student numbers capped at 12 per class, we can offer customized solutions tailored to their individual requirements.

Depending on which programme you chose, there are 20 or 30 lessons a week in multinational classes, with different levels of language proficiency, with experienced, highly qualified native English teachers.
We take a communicative approach, which is split into a number of modules, meaning students get to follow a consistent and well-structured course programme.

A language assessment test is conducted on day one to determine the proficiency level and divide up the groups correctly.
We can say with certainty that, whatever your initial level, our courses will have you reaching heights you never could have imagined!

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