As huge advocates of any event or activity intended to support the cultural and creative sector, we could hardly pass up the chance to attend the first edition of EUREKA 2022, the Culture and Creativity Show held in Pordenone on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 January.

The aim of the show was to look into the relationship between culture and business as a key to development, and was attended by representatives from leading companies, as well as from cultural and creative enterprises. Numerous issues were covered, ranging from inclusivity to the renewed appreciation and promotion of artisan crafts, not to mention tales of Italian excellence in the fashion and design industry.

Contributions from the various moderators provided food for thought on the potential role of language services in the creation of synergies between so-called “traditional” companies and creative enterprises. Much that was said tallied with our view that translation, especially when it comes to projects with an international reach, has a vital role to play in faithfully conveying the values on which any business, large or small, is built. Transcreation is the best tool for this job, capable of combining language and linguistic creativity to maintain and strengthen each unique brand voice.

We were once again amazed by the ability of companies, foundations, museums and associations to innovate and reinvent themselves, mobilizing energy to create opportunities where complexity is seen as a valuable training ground rather than an obstacle. We eagerly await the next edition and are pleased to be witnessing a change that sees art and culture, in all its various forms, claim its rightful place as the heartbeat of innovation and of the future.

Elena, from our team, just before the start of the Fair