It is impossible to describe the joy of seeing our translations alongside the works of such an amazing artist as Fortunato Depero at the Mart museum of modern and contemporary art in Rovereto.

The “Depero new Depero” exhibition was officially opened on Thursday 21 October, and on Friday we went to see it: around 500 works by the Italian painter, sculptor, designer, illustrator, set designer and costume designer in a large exhibition that “explores the relevance of his experimentation and the influence his work has had on art, fashion, and design from the 1970s to today.”

Soget Est had the honour of handling the translations for the exhibition: by no means an easy task, given the complexity of such a multifaceted artist, but an undertaking that we are undeniably proud of. These translations will go on to be published in a book on the exhibition, appropriately entitled “Depero new Depero”.

Well done to all the Mart staff who so cleverly managed to give to visitors an insight into Fortunato Depero and his priceless artistic legacy, curating the exhibition down to the last detail. f you haven’t been already, there is still time to see the exhibition — which runs until 13 February — and you won’t regret taking this unique opportunity to visit Rovereto’s Mart museum, a centre universally known as a “cultural hub” designed for anyone who loves knowledge, nature and wellbeing.

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