On tonight, this is the first of 15 shows performed as part of the twelfth edition of “Scene di paglia – Festival dei casoni e delle acque”, whose title pays homage to its various settings ranging from rural buildings across Padua to the edge of the Venetian lagoon. 2021’s edition will be even more emotionally charged than its predecessors, not just because of the longer-than-expected wait, but also due to the issues touched on by the various shows being performed. It provides a generous platform for expression in a dialogue that spans issues such as diversity, inclusivity, rights and work, to name but a few.

More specifically, the central theme of the last show, which will be performed on Sunday 11 July at 9.15 pm, will be the contamination between different cultures, which spawns positive opportunities that are invariably exciting and unexpected.
It should come as no surprise then that Soget Est — always keen to share our thoughts on intercultural issues — is sponsoring the performance by Shi Yang Shi: “Arle-Chino. Traduttore – Traditore di due padroni.” (translator – traitor to two masters)

During the show, Chinese actor and author Yang will take us on a touching journey, his autobiographical journey through two cultures (Chinese and Italian) between which his identity bounces back and forth.
We will be there, in the front row, to show our support for the show, the first to be produced in Italy with a lead man of Chinese extraction — although he is now also a fully fledged Italian — confident that others will follow.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 11 July at 9.15 pm at the Casoni della Fogolana in Codevigo (address: Via Cason delle Sacche, 8).

For further information on the festival and the 2021 programme: