Sworn/Certified translations.
People who employ the services of an agency to translate certificates, contracts, appointment letters, extracts from the companies register, or documents of other kinds, often need the translated documents to be legally recognized.

What do we mean by “legally recognized”? [
Many countries require an official certification that the translation is a true and accurate translation of the original document. Italy takes things one step further, requiring the translation to be sworn before the Court (the technical term for this in Italy is “asseverazione”).

Do I need a certified/sworn or legalized translation?
For a translation to be legally recognized in Italy, you just need it to be sworn.

While if the document is to be legally recognized in a country outside Italy or by foreign embassies or consulates, the translation may also need to be legalized with the addition of a so-called apostille, signed by the Italian Public Prosecutor.

So who can produce a sworn translation? [
If you are wondering how to get a sworn translation done, all you need to know is that the translation agency can handle this for you. Where so required, once the translation has been produced, we can also have it certified, or take it before the Court if you need a sworn translation.

For translations sworn in Padua, we go to the Court on Mondays and you can then pick up your documents from the Soget Est offices the same day. or translations sworn in Milan, timeframes and procedures are similar, with the additional option of couriering the sworn translation to an address of your choosing, thus speeding up the whole process.

If the matter is urgent or you are working to a very tight schedule, we can discuss with you the further option of taking the translation to a notary: this is the fastest alternative, and also the most expensive.

How are translated documents legalized?
Documents are legalized through the Italian Public Prosecutor’s Office. Again, you don’t have to do anything as the translation agency handles the legalization service from start to finish: legalization through the Public Prosecutor’s Office takes between 2 and 5 days once the documents have been lodged, after which they are ready for us to pick up and deliver to you.