The 76th Venice International Film Festival was a big hit with the public. Over the past few days, throngs of film fans have descended on Venice Lido, along with onlookers hoping to score a selfie with the numerous stars treading the red carpet.

The event has just drawn to a close, and one thing is certain: this edition of the Festival has been a real success for the local regional film industry.

Italy’s Northeast featured prominently at Venezia 76 with an impressive four movies filmed, written or directed by industry professionals from the Veneto region or Northeast in general.

And the Northeast’s success didn’t stop with people in the film industry. Our Soget Est team also had a hand in the goings-on, having worked on a project that is a source of great pride.

We handled the English translation of the subject matter of Effetto Domino (domino effect), a film by Alessandro Rossetto and Caterina Serra, actively collaborating with the filmmakers since February 2018.

A lengthy and painstaking task that also required us to be on set during shooting and provide our services through to May 2019, translating director’s notes, production notes and the whole script.

The film, from the eponymous novel by Romolo Bugaro, was presented as part of the Festival’s Sconfini programme. Already out in cinemas since the 3rd of September, meeting with the resounding approval of both audiences and critics, it was produced by Jolefilm with Rai Cinema and distributed by Parthénos.

Effetto Domino is a journey across an Italy of shattered dreams, a provincial story that nonetheless has a worldwide resonance and captures a global trend. The main character is a building contractor who embarks on a highly ambitious project: turning the abandoned hotels of a small spa town in Italy’s Northeast into luxury residences for well-heeled retirees from all across the globe.

A perfect business opportunity for our hero and his associates who believe they have bagged the deal of their lives until someone more powerful, from the other side of the world, sets his sights on the same appetizing dish.

So the banks pull the plug on the financing previously granted to the contractor and a domino effect ensues in the lives of the main characters, leaving everyone and everything in tatters as things snowball out of control.

A ruthless and very current work on power and money whose cast also includes Shi Yang Shi, the famous actor, writer and cultural mediator of Chinese extraction.

So, it is clearly a huge privilege to have played a part in this film’s success and helped local regional cinema make something of a comeback. The Northeast’s notable presence at Venezia76 is definitely a positive sign for our region, and there are plenty of reasons to think that this is not so much a finish line as a new start.