The job of a translator is much more than just making texts understandable in different languages. Translating and interpreting is nothing short of a mission, one that makes this profession so fascinating.
A mission that we have been embracing for years here at Soget Est, and one that does not stop at simply pursuing financial gain.

In today’s world, this profession comes with great responsibility: the task, first and foremost, of being a promoter of dialogue between different cultures.
In short, translating is about creating bridges, uniting different peoples through ties in which mutual understanding plays an essential role.
This means we need to communicate not just through words, but by also fostering understanding from a cultural point of view, on subjects that unite peoples much more than business relationships do, for instance.

On this note, on the 9th and 10th of May this year, an important international symposium was held in China to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cultural work of famous Chinese artist Feng Jicai.
A most important event held at the Feng Jicai Institute of Literature and Art at Tianjin University, as featured in some of the leading Chinese newspapers.

Italian representatives attending the celebrations for the famous artist included Liu Zun, president of Padua’s Italo-Chinese cultural association “Il Filo di Seta” — longstanding supporter and promoter of the artist’s work — Professor and sinologist with the University of Turin, Federico Madaro, and Isabella Toppaoco-founder of Soget Est as well as one of the first to sign up for the prestigious degree in Chinese at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

The celebrations marking artist Feng Jicai’s 50 years of work also provided the opportunity to highlight the considerable effort invested by the Italian spokespeople attending the event into promoting the works of the writer, scholar and painter in Italy. The artist’s unwavering commitment to protecting and restoring Chinese cultural heritage to its rightful place was also acknowledged: something that, in 2015, also earned him the title of“Artist for Peace” from UNESCO.

A commitment that our Soget Est team has taken to heart and a path that our own Isabella Toppao is intent on continuing to pursue, as she did for the 2019 Chinese New Year in helping organize an exhibition held in Padua’s Palazzo della Ragione building inspired by the very same Chinese artist Fen Jicai and conceived by Liu Zun, with the invaluable support of local councilman for culture, Andrea Colasio.

These efforts in promoting Chinese culture will no doubt provide future opportunities for collaboration with Liu Zun, whose commitment on this front goes back some years.

The culture of dialogue is the best tool for fostering mutual influence between two great countries like China and Italy: a way to meet and exchange ideas and opinions, with art and values that are much more important than economic ones placed at the forefront.